It’s time to stop using GoDaddy

GoDaddy has been a supporter of nearly every intrusive government regulation imposed on the Internet by governments. Via Reddit: GoDaddy supports SOPA, I’m transferring 51 domains & suggesting a move your domain day.  And then again via Boing Boing, the adorable David Rusensko narrowly averted a Go-Daddy-caused meltdown that would have impacted tens of thousands of his customers:

“They had received a complaint about the content of a site, and that they were removing the DNS entries for because of it. I asked him if they had contacted us previously — he responded that they hadn’t. The site in question featured a bad review of a local business, and that business had complained.”

Should you need to register a domain, there are several non-SOPA supporting alternatives available, like HostGator, and EasyDNS to name just three.

UPDATE: Yeah, they changed their position on SOPA. So what. They still suck. Jonathan Mann (sings) it better than I can say it: