Na No Wri Mo

I am going to participate in Na No Wri Mo this month. However, instead of writing a thousand words for a novel, I am going to write a nice blog post about something relevant. Luckily, I’ve been so bad at keeping my blog updated this past year that I have plenty to write about.

Over the next couple of weeks, I plan to write:

  • a guide for Timeline images on Facebook
  • why nobody should rely on Facebook Like pages to get their message out to their constituencies
  • NationBuilder best practices (as I see them)
  • my take on the hissyfit temper tantrum thrown by many Democrats and liberals against NationBuilder for their deal with the Republican Liberty Caucus
  • my voting recommendations (I’ll probably do this one first)
  • my Disneyland and Disney California Adventures trip, and
  • Hamburger Mary’s in West Hollywood.

My goal is to blog at least once every day.

Wish me luck!