shiitake lasagna

This was before it went into the oven. Here’s the basic recipe, with these variations:

  • I put a sprig of rosemary in milk while the milk is heating up but remove it before adding the milk to the flour
  • Instead of 4 cups milk, I used 1c half-and-half and 3c milk.
  • To the sauce, I added:
    • one whole chopped up sautéd onion
    • three cloves garlic
    • couple dashes of allspice
    • about a half teaspoon of cayenne
  • recipe calls for 1.5 lb of portobellos. Instead, I used 1.25 lb of crimini, 1lb of shiitakes, and then a handful of anything else at the store (I grabbed a handful of trumpets, maitake and Lobster mushroom) to throw on top.
  •  I sautéd all the mushrooms before hand and i do them in small batches so they don’t steam each other (bad – lose flavor that way). This usually takes more butter and adds twenty minutes of prep time.
  • I doubled the parmesan, I used the good fresh Parmigiano-Reggiano block, not that horrible shit in the green can, which I don’t allow in my house.
  • when building the lasagna, I added about a cup of mozzarella on top of each mushroom layer.