Art’s Guide to Cooking Tacos

Alex and I had tacos at Art and Betty’s house a few months ago. They were cooked perfectly. And his process seemed so much easier than the one I had grown up with. I bugged Betty for instructions and here’s what she sent. Thanks Betty and Art!

8 inch porcelain coated cast iron. Cast iron is best for maintaining an even cooking temp and the coating makes it easy care.
the amount of oil should be about as deep as the tortilla is thick, about 1/16 to 1/8 inch deep.
Oil should be hot enough to really bubble when the tortilla is lowered into the oil.
Hold it down for a bit until it softens and then fold top over
two at a time…
trying to show the depth of the oil – it should remain at 1/16 to 1/8 inch deep.
turning the taco…
Don’t cook it too crispy or it will get hard and break. It will probably be done before you think it is.
Always drain the taco – it’s really hard to keep the right amount of oil so you’ll want to drain here and rest it on a paper towel when done. If you’re cooking a lot you’ll have to add oil during the cooking process and let it come to temp again