Mystery Productivity Tool

Once upon a time (2007 – 2008) I used a productivity tool on my mac. It would track the programs I was in and how long I was in them, which would help me determine how I was using my time. It had this great display view showed me the data points on spreadsheet. It looked SORT OF like this:

It’s a couple years later and I suddenly find I have a crucial need for this app (or something that does exactly what it did).

Also, it was FREE and it was on a MAC.

Know what it was? Email me at mysteryapp at hisnameistimmy dot com.

Why I don’t give to the DCCC and DNC

So voted Joe Manchin (D), the freshly sworn-in Senator from West Virginia, thus helping ensure that ending Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell in this Congress is extremely difficult, at best.

Asholes like Joe Manchin are the reason I don’t give to umbrella Democratic organizations like the DCCC or the DNC; I don’t want backwater bigots to get one dime of my money. Instead, I give money directly to candidates I support, like this one: