Pouring salt on a snail

I was wondering why Hillary went after Tulsi. Tulsi’s under 1% in the polls and Hills risks a Streisand Effect by even bringing her up.

So, here’s what I think:

Trump/GOP/Russia needs a third party candidate to draw votes away from the Democratic nominee. They need someone credible and untainted by Russian-anything. They can’t use Stein because she’s been thoroughly discredited with all but the most fringy Greenwald-left (you know, the ones who post links to that gasbag Cenk Uygur or Young-Turks).

With just a couple lines in an interview, Hillary destroyed Tulsi’s potential usefulness as a third party asset. If Tulsi tries to run third party, she will be viewed as just as compromised as Stein. By kneecapping Tulsi, Hillary blocked Tulsi’s potential utility in Trump/GOP/Russia’s third party shenanigans.

Just a thought. What do you think?