Facebook’s account restrictions are super dumb

I got yet another 30-day Facebook ban. This time, it’s for spreading “false information about vaccines”.

This might come as a surprise to my friends, who know I am double-vaxxed with a booster, very pro-vaccine and very pro-mask, as well as the fact that I mercilessly mock and shame the unvaccinated and the maskless at every opportunity. (These are just from January alone.).

Here was the offending content that went against community guidelines:

This is talented pianist Mat Eisenstein, who takes recordings of angry anti-maskers and anti-vaxxer nutcases, and sets them to dramatic music. The rants are usually already funny (in a horrible sense) but with the music they are hilarious.

Here’s one I shared last week, which my friends really loved and laughed at and shared a bunch. For some reason, this one did NOT get me banned:

Obviously, this is stupid. Facebook’s reviewers can’t tell the difference between anti-vaxx nonsense and MOCKING anti-vaxx nonsense. It’s really infuriating. And I’m stuck in a ban for a month!

I went through the appeal process, which seems to be all of one click – selecting a radio-button that says “I disagree with the decision.”

And that’s all she wrote. What more can I do? It’s really very frustrating.